By connecting to the App you will have access to the "places" with relevant information available in the perimeter from museums, cities, events or amusement spaces anywhere in the world. The automatic recognition of the language of the smartphone allows the instant adaptation of the application to that language if it is present in the backoffice.


 Whether it is a monument to the tourist who discovers Lisbon or a painting for the visitor who ventures into an exhibition in any museum of the world, the experiences and functionalities are multiple, pioneering and revolutionary.



Fast & safe Backoffice.

IOS & Android.

GPS & Beacons.

Text-to-Speech, all languages on your smartphone.

In the first screen you will have access to the "places" with relevant information available in surroundings, museums, cities, events or amusement spaces, anywhere in the world.


Automatic language recognition allows linguistic adaptation of the voice engine.

On this screen you will find information about where you are.


When you are near one of our beacons or GPS points, the information that appears on the screen will change and you can watch a video or listen to a musical composition that was recorded in that same place, besides the usual image and text.


Once you have absorbed all the available information you just move to another location and new information will be provided automatically.


Headquarter: Rua Dr. Gomes Leal 3A, 2560-331 Torres Vedras

Lisbon: LISPOLIS - Estrada Pa├žo do Lumiar 44, 1600-546 Lisboa