myEyes® is the first product of iKi Technologies, with the main objective of helping the visually impaired to "see" the world. A mobile application developed from a pioneering technological platform that combines Geofence, Beacons and Text-to-Speech with the intention of promoting a virtual communication experience.


Anyone with visual impairments and an Android or iOS smartphone, when entering a mapped area in the myEyes® backoffice, can hear the surrounding space, receiving relevant information such as location descriptions and historical notes.


Fast & safe Backoffice.

IOS & Android.

GPS & Beacons.

Text-to-Speech, all languages on your smartphone.

On this single screen there are several options to use with IOS VoiceOver or Android Talkback.


Here you can, for example, listen in loudspeaker or Headphones the name of the place where you are now.

Headquarter: Rua Dr. Gomes Leal 3A, 2560-331 Torres Vedras

Lisbon: LISPOLIS - Estrada Paço do Lumiar 44, 1600-546 Lisboa


Video. Testing in real environment with myEyes®.